Due to the results of the Women’s round-robin play, no tie-breaker or playoff game is required.
As a result, the 4:00 PM draw on Thursday, February 16th is canceled.

All other games will continue as scheduled.

Competition Format

The USA Curling National Championship is an 8 day event incorporating several days of round-robin pool play, followed by any required tie-breakers to determine the playoff teams. A page playoff system is used in the final set of playoff games.

Games are scheduled by “draw” time (the scheduled time when multiple games are played simultaneously). There are 5 competition sheets. During round robin play at Men’s draw times all 5 sheets will be in use, while during Women’s draw times 4 sheets will be in use. During tie-breaker and page playoff rounds the number of sheets in use will depend on pool play results.

Games run approximately 2.5 hours, although this will vary depending on number of ends played.

Team names presented in italics denote women’s draws.
All draw times are Pacific Standard Time (PST).

Championship Schedule


Draw Time Sheet A Sheet B Sheet C Sheet D Sheet E
Saturday, February 11th
6:00 PM Opening Ceremonies
8:00 PM Brown v. Dropkin Sobering v. Clark Birr v. McCormick Fenson v. Leichter Clawson v. Shuster
Sunday, February 12th
12:00 PM Fenson v. Shuster McCormick v. Leichter Clawson v. Sobering Clark v. Brown Dropkin v. Birr
4:00 PM Wood v. Sinclair Potter v. Schultz Clark v. Bear Roth v. Christensen
8:00 PM Clark v. Clawson Birr v. Fenson Shuster v. Leichter Sobering v. Dropkin Brown v. McCormick
Monday, February 13th
9:00 AM Clark v. Christensen Roth v. Bear Sinclair v. Schultz Potter v. Wood
2:00 PM Birr v. Leichter Clawson v. Brown Clark v. Dropkin Shuster v. McCormick Sobering v. Fenson
7:00 PM Roth v. Schultz Wood v. Clark Potter v. Christensen Bear v. Sinclair
Tuesday, February 14th
8:00 AM McCormick v. Sobering Dropkin v. Shuster Brown v. Fenson Clawson v. Birr Clark v. Leichter
12:00 PM Christensen v. Sinclair Bear v. Schultz Clark v. Potter Wood v. Roth
4:00 PM Shuster v. Brown Clark v. Birr McCormick v. Clawson Leichter v. Sobering Fenson v. Dropkin
8:00 PM Bear v. Potter Sinclair v. Roth Christensen v. Wood Schultz v. Clark
Wednesday, February 15th
9:00 AM Clawson v. Fenson Leichter v. Dropkin Sobering v. Shuster McCormick v. Clark Birr v. Brown
2:00 PM Clark v. Roth Schultz v. Wood Potter v. Sinclair Christensen v. Bear
7:00 PM Sobering v. Birr Fenson v. McCormick Leichter v. Brown Dropkin v. Clawson Shuster v. Clark
Thursday, February 16th
Note: Specific events will vary depending on tie-breaker requirements
8:00 AM Sinclair v. Clark Schultz v. Christensen Roth v. Potter Wood v. Bear
12:00 PM Dropkin v. McCormick Brown v. Sobering Fenson v. Clark Birr v. Shuster Leichter v. Clawson
4:00 PM
No games scheduled
8:00 PM
Men’s Tie-breaker for 4th seeding

Brown v. Fenson

Friday, February 17th
Note: Specific events will vary depending on tie-breaker requirements
9:00 AM
Men’s Page Playoffs

1 v. 2: Shuster v. Clark

3 v. 4: Birr v. Brown

2:00 PM
Women’s Semi-Finals

Roth v. Potter

7:00 PM
Men’s Semi-Finals

Clark v. Birr

Saturday, February 18th
11:00 AM
Women’s Finals

Sinclair v. Roth

3:00 PM
Men’s Finals

Shuster v. Birr

Closing ceremonies and trophy presentations will immediately follow the conclusion of each final

25 thoughts on “Schedule

  1. I purchased tickets for Sunday 2/12. They say the event starts at 8 AM, but competition appears to start at noon. Is there anything happening before the competition that we could see? Looking forward to it!

    1. Hi Kristin,
      Thank you for pointing out the discrepancy between the ticket printed time and the schedule. The competition schedule on the website is the correct version. Doors will open 1 hour prior to the first draw (so for Sunday it would be at 11am).

      We’ll work with the arena to get future tickets printed with accurate times. Sorry for the confusion!

      1. Concession prices are raised from normal @ Xfinity and choices are minimal. Use the break between sessions and your wristband to grab food and beverage.

    1. Hi Andrea, To answer your other question: Yes, re-entry is permitted, so you are able to leave and come back during the day as many times as you like. Be sure to get a re-entry wristband before you leave – that + your ticket will get you back in the arena.

  2. We have tickets for the finals on Saturday the 18th. Will there be an opportunity to get on the ice to try curling between games? I hope so.

    1. Hi Diane. Yes the half sheet will be open starting from the conclusion of the women’s final and the start of practice for the men’s final, which will be at 2:30 pm.

      Look forward to having you here!

  3. The schedule for Thursday shows that the final draw starts at 8:00pm. I can’t make it to the rink until about 7:30pm. Is competition assured for that time? Would I get to see at least a couple hours of curling that night? I assume I can just buy a ticket at the door. I am really interested in watching some live curling but I don’t want to spend time fighting traffic to get to Everett from Seattle if I won’t get to see much of the action.

    1. Hi,
      Yes, there will be at least one game happening Thursday at 8pm. There will be either a Men’s tie-breaker or the page playoff game. Additionally, if 2 rounds of women’s tie-breakers are required, the 2nd tie-breaker will happen at that time as well.

      But there will be at least 1 game happening at that time.

      The game(s) will start at 8pm and typically last approximately 2.5 hours.


  4. Hi Ms or Mr 2017 Curling Nationals,
    Thank you for fielding our questions. We have tickets for Fri 2/17 & Sat 2/18; when will we know, if there there are any draws to start at 9am, on Fri 2/17? Thanks, and enjoy your day!

    1. We’re happy to be helpful!

      The final men’s round robin draw is today at noon PST. The results of those games will determine tie-breaker requirements, if any. So be on the lookout for an announcement around 3pm PST today announcing the final schedule for Friday and Saturday.

  5. I was in Everett this morning at 8:00 AM To watch the women’s curling championship. This is the information that I had offer than that. Next time.

    1. Hi Jerry,
      I’m sorry you came so early – the finals start at 11:00 – can you let me know where you read the games started at 8:00?

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