Team Sinclair wins Women’s National Championship!

Congratulations to Jamie Sinclair, Alex Carlson, Vicky Persinger, and Monica Walker for winning the 2017 USA Women’s National Curling Championship!

Team Sinclair defeated Team Roth 6-4 after 9 completed ends when Sinclair took out Roth’s one remaining stone in the 10th end to guarantee the win.

Congratulations to both teams for making it to the finals!

Be sure to stick around for the Men’s final at 3:00 PM PST featuring Shuster v. Birr.


4 thoughts on “Team Sinclair wins Women’s National Championship!

  1. how is it Team Sinclair is not representing US at Worlds? Winning, by a large margin, at the US nationals should move you into the Worlds!

    1. I agree, but the rules were established before the competition. Still, in my opinion, the winner of our national championship should represent USA at World Championships (otherwise the national championship is just another event for points and, by definition, not the “national championship.”)

  2. Win nationals, you should go to world. This point system ruins grass roots curling. USA curling is going about this totally wrong. Brady Clark should have went last year.

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